Hi Mike:

If you purchased the SE99 seats less than a year ago, you got 1 year free
ATS with each seat, which means you get a free upgrade to DXP.  I did the
same and just got my copy of DXP too.

The CD Codes will come in the mail separately. I got mine the day after the
software came.  I did waste about a an hour searching my desk looking for
the codes before someone on this list informed me that they would come
separate.  I guess it is printed somewhere, but I never found it.



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We bought a couple special-deal copies of Protel 99SE from
Altium here recently, and they've been in-house now for a
a while.  I believe part of the deal on the cheapness was
that it didn't upgrade automatically to DXP, and maybe not
at all.  Beyond recommending to management to buy these
fairly stable versions (with the service packs) and warning
them away from the new, uncertain, and costly DXP, I didn't
pay a lot of attention to the gory details.

Now I've got a white box on my desk and inside is a thin
manual called INTRODUCING PROTEL DXP, along with a multi-
media demo cd and what appears to be a copy of Protel DXP.

But I didn't buy DXP... Did anybody else get what I got with-
out buying it?  I notice that there aren't any registration
numbers for it.  Are they expecting me to naively go thru
the entire installation just to find out I don't have a reg
number, and then throw up my arms in surrender and immedi-
ately send them a check for $7000 (or whatever they're charg-
ing for it now)?  Or has there been some sort of mistake?

Thanks, miker

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