At 11:56 AM 14/08/02 +0200, you wrote:
>as I never received a reply to the cited mail below, I resend it. Please
>drop me a line.

Sorry, Gisbert.  I apologize for not returning your email.

>Concerning the bug list you manage:
>Did you add the bug in gerber generation of renamed layers and the bug in
>translating layer information to Specctra to the list, which I described
>some weeks ago? I never received any comment to these mails.

What would be really really helpful would be you laying out the info in the 
following form so I can copy and paste.

Date: 2002/01/28 sort of format (yyyy/mm/dd)
Summary: PCB: Gerber gerneration of renamed layers is (wrong?)
Details: P99SE SP6 PCB: .... a few sentences describing the problem and any 
Reported by: yourself here
Confirmed by: has anyone confirmed it?

Do this for both of the bugs, if you could.  I do not have Specctra so 
would not really know what I was writing anyway...

I am not at the computer that has all my PEDA emails (since 1998!) so I am 
sorry that I can't look up your original mail.

I do apologize for not replying  - I think I was still smarting from 
feeling compelled to flame someone and read your mail with a thanks but 
then did not go on to the other stuff.  No excuse really.

Still onward and upward.

I gather there is lots of bad weather in Europe at the moment - are you 
very wet where you are?  It is very dry in Eastern Australia at the moment 
and little chance of any significant rain till into next year apparently - 
full drought conditions in many parts.

Bye for now,

PS - I have said my bit on JaMi, I was never going to reply to his 
reply.  I have no real problem with him having a right-of-reply but I am 
going to try a go back to normal.  maybe I will even try to take some of my 
own advice while I am at it.

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