I am going to answer you here in this forum where I can speak freely without
causing a neuclear meldown in the southern hemisphere.

Well, maybe there will still be a meltdown, but it won't hit me here.

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> This is where I think Altium/Protel outshine all other vendors!

What on earth do you mean by "outshine".

If making an unexcusable blunder that no other EDA Company or Vendor would
ever make constitutes "outshining" the others, then I can accept what you
mean by "outshine".

> When we have a problem and enough users agree and complain,
> something gets done about it.

Of course they fixed it and fixed it fast.

It's monumental.

I can just imagine what transpired in the executive conference room over
this one: "Oh S***! You gotta be kidding me, we forgot what! Oh S***! We
better fix that one right now, immediately, before anyone starts to bitch
about it. I mean fix it now!, Stop every thing and get this fixed now
regardless of what it takes! They must think we're flaming idiots! Oh S***!
Where are my meds!

They are only hoping that they fix it fast and cover it up and can keep it
quiet enough that they won't look like absolute fools for leaving it out in
the first place.

Of course "something gets done about it", but you need to understand that
the reason they responded so quickly is that they realized it never should
have happened to begin with.

> Thanks again, Altium.  I think I may actually take a new project
> though DXP now and look forward to SP2.

I don't want to belittle them too much though, because they actually did
respond to the problem, but here again, they responded quickly because the
gravity of the mistake.

It would have been much better if they had known what they were doing in the
first place, and never made the omission.


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