My company sent me to a 3-day Protel training at one point for around $1300.
The training price was by far the cheapest in comparison to the airfare +
hotel + rental car.  I found the course good in the respect that it gets you
out of the office for 3 days where you can focus on just learning the
software.  Its also nice to be able to ask questions on the spot and get them
answered.  What I didn't really like was the fact that the training material
was the exact same as the training PDFs you can download from the web.  I
guess I expected something more than what I had already looked at... not just
a person from Altium reading them to me.  I signed up for one course that was
a few hours away and Altium canceled it last minute because they didn't get
enough numbers.  So I ended up flying to San Diego for the next up course.
The course was useful but would have been better if it was closer so that the
traveling costs weren't as much.  It probably did save money in comparison to
the 'self teach mode' that John mentioned.


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> $1200 AUS for the two day "Protel 99SE Simulation Training course"!
> Plus airfares, plus accommodation, do these people think I'm made of
> It's a pity, as it did sound worthwhile until I got to the bottom line.

As a general comment, $1200 does not seem that bad, compared to other
vendors, if the course content is intensive (NOT PRESENTATION TYPE!!) &
hands on and covers a full 2 days, and of course, if you actually need it.

In reality, you need to look at how much time it will take for you to attain
the same level of knowledge & competance on the tools in 'self teach mode'
against 2 days to get to the same level.

If $1200 for 2 days saves you 100hrs in the first quarter (self teach time,
i.e non working) how much is 100 hrs of your time worth? or how much can you
bill out for it?

I know I have touched a little on some sensitive issues by implication,
regarding what the client should and should not pay for when they 'buy' your
time, but I do not wish to get into a debate about that one.

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