While this was originally posted to the DXP Technical Forum, and there were
a few replies there, I believe that it may be more applicable and
appropriate for this forum, so I will post it here and respond here in this
forum. Please note that only a very small number of Protel / Altium
Customers and Users actually even subscribe to the DXP Technical Forum, and
even fewer  yet subscribe to the DXP PreRelease Forum, and therefore,
anything that really addresses the Protel / Altium Customer and User
Community as a whole, should be posted here.


Actually, the price did not go up because of ATS.

The price increase from $5,995.00 US to $7,995.00 US took place on July 1st
2001, and ATS was not added until October 1st 2001, so that those who
purchased Protel 99 SE from between July 1st thru Sept 30th of last year,
really got hosed in the process, since they had to pay the big bucks and did
not get ATS, or anything else, which means that they did not get the
included upgrade to DXP.

They really lost out.

The simple fact of the matter is that there has not been any "service" or
"support" of any kind or in any manner whatsoever for Protel 99 SE, since
the release of Service Pack 6.

This is the primary reason I am pushing for Service Pack 7.

Yes, it is true that beginning October 1st 2001, in order to continue sales
of the product that they had already announced that they would replace, they
"baited" the sales with ATS (Altium Total Support) and the promise of a free
upgrade to DXP (which still hasn't been declared functional yet by any of
those who are using it (it truely is still in Beta Test)), but the plain and
simple fact of the matter is that there still has been NO SUPPORT.

Please note that asking your Customers and Users to help you fix the
problems in your new product (DXP) that was released before it was ready,
and which is still not really ready to be released, does not constitute
"Customer Support", unless you consider the Customers and Users helping
Altium solve  the problems and bugs with their new product for free to be
"Customer Support".

ATS has been discontinued, but Altium still promised that those who
purchased ATS would still receive their "support".


Altium - Quit hosing the customers that have actually paid your bills and
keept you in business for the past three years!

Dispense with the BS and give us Service Pack 7!

JaMi Smith

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Subject: [DXP] Altium is lie.

> Altium is lie.
> The Protel 99se price is $5995.
> Because increase ATS so price is $7995,
> But Altium drops ATS product now,The price is $7995 as before.
> I very like Protel but I don't like this price.
> Protel DXP price is very crazed!
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