I usually design boards of 16+ layers and battle with this daily! If a layer
is added and it comes up as 'Mid Layer5', protel thinks that it is always
Mid Layer 5 nomatter where it is in the layer stack!!

As you suggest Florian, The best way I have found is to leave the layers as
they are and copy content manually from one layer to another.

Does anyone know if this beahvior is fixed in DXP?


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From: Florian Finsterbusch [mailto:f.finsterbusch@;lightmaze.com]
Sent: 07 November 2002 15:39
To: Protel EDA Forum
Subject: Re: [PEDA] 99SE SP6 gerber file names transposed

I've had a simular problem last year.

In my case the reason was a change in the layer-stackup.
I've moved midlayer-5 between midlayer-1 und midlayer-2.
The midlayer order was then 1, 5, 2, 3, 4.

Some times later i've renamed the layers in the layer-stackup-manager in
ascending order (without moving them).
Protel has shown the new layer-names in the layer-tabs of the PCB-editor

When running a design-rule-check Protel is complaining about errors on
But when i check the effected objects, Protel is telling me that these
object are placed on midlayer-5.
This was because Protel is internally still working with the old
(hard-coded) layer names.

You can rename the layers to their orignal names to get the design-rules
running without confusion.
Perhaps you want to rearrange the layers in the layer-stack-manager and move
the content of one layer to another.

I've informed Protel about this behavior.
They told me, that it is a known bug.
But there was nothing in the knowlegde base!
I was very angry about that because it took me a lot of time to find this

Best regards, Florian Finsterbusch

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> From: Dave Eloranta [mailto:eloranta@;locusinc.com]
> Sent: Thursday, November 07, 2002 3:56 PM
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> Subject: [PEDA] 99SE SP6 gerber file names transposed
> Hi
> I have a 10 layer PCB design file in which the editor shows layer names
> normal, the design manager shows the color swatch and layer name properly.
> When the gerber files are generated the .g2 file has the tracks from
> midlayer4, .g3 file has the data from midlayer 2 , the .g4 file has the
> from midlayer 3. Another side effect is that on the
> dialog box the mid layers appear in this same shifted pattern 1-4-2-3.
> layer sequence also occurs on the gerber output selection check boxes.
> The problem appears to be in the design file because I did a new install
> a separate computer and the results are the same. I copied the file to a
> name selected all, cleared all, cleared all nets, saved and reopened and
> empty design file still exhibits the same shifted layer patterns. I saved
> the file to ASCII and found that line 2 had a number of definitions like
> "layer?name=midlayer?" in the shifted sequence but correcting that in the
> original ASCII file caused the file to get truncated after line 72.  I
> suspect  something I did early in the design using the layer stack
> management must have caused this but I have not found a way back.
> I need to correct this file for future revisions.
> Thank you
> Dave Eloranta
> Locus Inc.
> 5440 Research Park Dr.
> Madison, WI

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