"me too"


Personally, I install and maintain a "latest version" copy of both IE and
Netscape. I use Netscape for as much of my browsing as is possible, and then
use IE ONLY for those pages which refuse to produce useable output unless IE
is used _AND_ whose source-location I deem
secure/safe/trusted/friendly/whatever...IE is, IMO, important to have for
visiting certain sites, one being the O/S's support home, others which are
biz related and are to some degree a personal choice issue... 

I try not to EVER use Outlook or any of its variants as an email client at
home, because I believe that the miscreant society spends the majority of
their time on planning and executing attacks against microsoft products,
specifically targeting the MS's inbuilt browser and email clients because of
their "universal" appeal to the consumer world. At work, I am stuck with it,
and so I rely on our company's network security team to limit "incoming",
and my own modest brain cells to think before blindly opening email entitled
"hey, I gots a reel good gift for yuz, checks this dirty pix out, bud", or
"Open dis virus and infect your system, you stupid moron, yaz
just...can't... resist it" and other similar fodder...

Because statements like the above generally stimulate an IMO undue amount of
negative email directed at MS,(if not at me for reminding people of how
people generally get infected in the first place <g>) claiming that MS is
responsible for these problems, I feel a need to be clear in qualifying the
suggestion of avoidance. Unlike some of our members, I do not blame
Microsoft for the bulk of this security problem, because an inflexible
platform, while likely impervious to attack, is about as much fun as a visit
to the dentist and about a productive as a squeezing blood from a stone.
Conversely, a flexible platform, offering capability and "open spaces", by
its very nature invites those who have criminal intent to use that platform
to their advantage, using the naivette, ignorance, and sometimes downright
stupidity of the "masses" to further the criminal aims within that
environment. This is regardless of whether theirs is the intent of the
common-variety dime-a-dozen snake-oil con-game crook (often email harvesting
schemes and questionable product claims) or that of the international
saboteur, from selling illegitimate product licenses to alquida
activities... These neato devices we have on our desks yield one undying
truth: You have to deal with the bad to get the good.

FWIW, to those who feel an immediate need to reply to this email with a
trouncing of MS and a hallelujah to Linux, an interesting, though altogether
too brief paper is
http://www.nwfusion.com/newsletters/linux/2002/01626655.html , interesting
because in spite of the predictions of those who father Linux as the savior
of the computing age, security, mom and apple pie. etc, etc... as the
platform is embraced, it too becomes subject to these efforts...

In any event, for the forseeable future, relying too heavily on the
intrinsic Microsoft email and browser capabilities is fraught with danger
and should be avoided whenever possible. I think Microsoft's O/S(s) are, for
the most part, superior to all other available, afforable, universalist
choices, but I do not think it is wise to rely on the fluff-stuff like email
and browser.

One more note. If you're using the MS Media player (or any other, for that
matter...), I'd seriously consider getting a software gate (firewall) to
limit its ability to talk to the world without your express permission. Oh,
and if you use Limewire or any of its child-apps for file-sharing, well,
let's just say you get what you ask for.

The analogy to safe sex has never been more apropo.


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