Very happy to see they are REALLY looking
hard at the Library Update capabilities.
That was a very very big sore spot for me,
with 99SE. I was really hoping they would
do much more with it. How they ultimately
handle that will be a major part of decision
to go DXP or something else. I wish they
really do stop the update from putting the
footprint listed for the symbol back on the board
the alternate footprint list should be truly intelligent.
If the footprint is one listed in the symbol as an alternate
then please leave it on the board. Also being able
to update all footprint in a design from libs would be a plus.
Also having that mechanical layer pair was big,
in all honesty the amount of work to produce
a proper 2 sided assembly dwg in 99SE was WAY too
much work and would have also been a major
consideration for not going to DXP if
that was not there.
Bob Wolfe

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From: "Ian Wilson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 6:09 AM
Subject: Re: [PEDA] 10 best options I want

> On 08:41 PM 1/12/2002 -0500, Mike Reagan said:
> >Thanks for the input Ian,
> >One question....does update the component footprint in schematic work in
> >DXP?  ie  if I change the footprint in a lib for a resistor from 1206 to
> >0805 then update the schematic, does Protel still have two entries in the
> >footprint box?  or the correct one?  This is the most troublesome problem
> >have with engineers using an old schematic as a reference then updating
> >schematic from the libraries.   Has this little problem been addressed in
> >DXP?
> >
> >Thanks for the inputs....maybe we will take a second look at it now.
> >
> >Mike Reagan
> Mike,
> Footprints in DXP schematics are now only one of several "models".  It is
> possible to have more that one model of the same type and one is selected
> as default.  The whole issue of parameter (and model) management (what to
> preserve and what to update during updates from libraries) has been, and
> is, an area of discussion, due to the current beta I can't say much more,
> but I am not worried about the future of this aspect of the program.
> You would have to try it yourself to see if it met your needs.
> Some other things I forgot to list:
> 1) Ctrl-R rubber stamp placement mode (like pasting but no need to keep
> Ctrl-V'ing).
> 2) Once it is working the autorouter has much greater control over weights
> and costs.
> 3) I quite like the new panel based view - though dual monitors make a
> difference.  The Inspector panel is good.  (I remain unimpressed by the
> merging of the List view with the Query/Filter entry panels, though
> not appropriate here.)
> 4) Mech layers can be associated (Layer pairs) so they flip layers when
> components etc are swapped from top to bottom etc.  Much like top and
> bottom solder masks are associated.
> 5) Then there is the component type stuff Tony K. mentioned.
> 6) But here is the biggy, the killer feature, the solution to all our ills
> and the bringer of world peace - the
> little-arrowy-thingy-next-to-the-file-menu has a *text*, yes a *text*,
> Enough for now,
> Ian

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