When I "grab" an entity within the P99SE Schematic editor, specifically one such as a 
wire or wire-end, I have a difficult time actually attaching my cursor to the entity, 
unless I have magnified the local area to an often unacceptable zoom level. 

For clarity's sake, suppose you have a schematic open, in which there are several 
dozen amplifiers and other ICs, and there is a long wire run from one end of the 
circuit to the other.

If I'm at a zoom level in which most of the circuit is viewable, it is quite difficult 
to grab a wire end, at least for me. 

Is there any way of increasing the "grab area", similar in purpose to that of the 
electrical grid check-box, where one grabs close to an object and the object then 
attaches to the cursor? Perhaps a hidden setting, or simply one that I have not 
realized is readily available? In the old days, CAD systems often made this setting 
available to the user via a setting that had various names like the one in the title, 
presumably because the effect was similar to that of a gravity well (just like the way 
that the electrical grid works).

Does DXP have such a setting?

(FWIW, I do realize that one might zoom in toward the object in order to accomplish 
the "grab", but it is not really acceptable (for me) when tidying up a large circuit 
with "long" virtual wire runs. I also realize that if one actually lands along the 
wire, the cursor will migrate to the nearest node, just not "off-axis".
 From what I've fooled around with, it seems that the editor responds only when the 
cursor is within 1 click off-axis of the wire. I'd like to increase that distance to 
perhaps 2 or 3 clicks...)



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