You are not doing anything wrong, it's just Protel.

This has been a pet peeve for a long time.

Every other system out there will allow this.

This is the old problem of having a whole row of 0603 or some other
components with a rectangular box around each one of them and Protel
demanding that you add and waste additional space between components rather
than simply line them up next to each other with a common silkscreen line
between them.

Protel doesn't understand that this is not really a Design Error, and that
it is not a "short", and that at worst it should only give you "warning" (or
at least provide a "standard" means of allowing you to do this without
having to resort to "kludging" something).


1. Make a new component combining the two jumpers, with the silkscreen line
seperating them drawn within the component itself.

2. Make a special component with one side of the silkscreen missing so that
you can combine it with the other normal component.

3. Use a component that does not have an outline, and place the two of them
where you want them, and manually "draw" your own outlines the way you want
them to appear on the silkscreen ("Overlay") layer. While this may be the
simplest way around the problem, it is a "kludge" in and of itself simply
because it takes extra time and everything gets screwed up if you ever try
and move anything involved since the lines are not part of the component.

4. Ignore the DRC Error and overlap the edges of the component so that it
does exactly what you want it to do, and then put a note in a text file
stored within the database that explains the problem to the next guy who has
to work on the project.

While I am sure that there will be some out there that will will reply to
this post that will have some way to modify some special rule somewhere, my
feeling on this is that making "special rules" for "special circumstances"
is something that should be "anathema" in EDA Systems simply because the
next guy to work on the project will never find it or understand it, and
then when someone else (or even you after you forget about the "kludge")
copies your database at a later date and modifies your file for a similar
project he will now end up having a screwed up database with non standard
rules that he doesn't even know about and will never find, and you will
propagate the "special rule" for "special circumstances" "kludge" down the
line "ad infinitium", which is shear stupidity.

Go with the fourth option above and a note. At least everyone will be able
to see it (the DRC Error) and even if they do not understand it, it won't
get overlooked and lost in the process.

JaMi Smith

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> Hello All,
> I have two (2) position jumpers with a rectangular silkscreen drawn around
> them.  I want to place them on my PCB such that one side of the silkscreen
> overlap.  I created a component jumper class and added these two jumpers.
> In the design rules under Placement, Component Clearance Constraint I set
> a rule for the jumper class to have a gap of 0 mil with scope A and B both
> set to the jumper class.  I did this thinking that it would allow me to
> place the jumper side by side with the silkscreen s on one side
> while not affecting other components.  I also left the default Component
> Clearance rule in place - 10 mil gap with scope A and B set to board.
> When I attempt this I get a violation as soon a s the silkscreen over lap.
> If I un-check the On-line Component Clearance check box (under Design Rule
> Check),  I stop getting the violations.  How ever,  if click on the Run
> button,  I still get a violation.  Of coarse this also goes away when I
> un-check the Report Component Clearance check box also under Design Rule
> Check.
> What am I doing wrong?  Any information that you can give will be greatly
> appreciated.  Thank you for your time and have a nice day.
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