I hope Ian's Macro will work for you. Though I don't know it, I'm sure it will be the easiest way to do what you intend. However, if it shouldn't work you may try the DXP trial. I recently did the exact same job with it. There you can import the Gerbers to Camtastic and export it to a PCB document (and that can be saved in a P99SE readable form if required). It is a little bit tricky to set up correct, but with the help of an article in the online help I managed to do it quiet easy.


Terry Creer wrote:
Thanks for responding Brad and Ian,
	I'm not sure what application the Gerbers were generated in (they
came from our PCB manufacturer), but I guess you guys are right then.

	Ian - I would appreciate that Macro, if you don't mind :)


Thanks very much!

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As Brad as said in his reply the gerbers need to be generated from protel in
the first place to be directly importable.

For some gerber files you can get away with changing the header and for
others it takes a bit more fuddling around. I have a word macro that I have
used in the past. It's very clunky but has worked every time if you want it
let me know.

Ian Capps
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Greetings all,
I remember someone mentioning a while ago about importing Gerber
files to view in P99SE. I was wondering what perhaps I am doing wrong...

First, I create a new PCB. From the file menu,  I select Import. I then
select ".g?? single gerber" from the drop down box and then select the
gerber file I want to import. I hit open and voila! Nothing. Same happens

I select ".g?? batch gerber" from the drop down box.

Any ideas would be much appreciated, thanks!

Terry Creer

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