To resonate with what Nick wrote.....

(1) So I wonder what would happen if I managed to get rid of all the " * "
in the part fields in a schematic.   Would there be a problem?  I'm
thinking of something like the CSV bom output might get borked or something
like that.

 For the reasons that Nick cites, you can't do a global edit on because
theres no way to select only a " * " since its a wildcard.  However,
getting rid of those " * " is possible.

a.  Export all fields to a spreadsheet, delete all *, and then import back
to schematic.  This can be a very flaky process but can be made to work
with enough tries.  One of the problems with this is having to suffer
through the protel spread sheet editor.

b.   When placing a sch component, hit the INSERT key before the part is
placed.   Edit all the part fields to get rid of the " * ".   Now the
default fields will be empty instead of having a " * " .

(2)  Its too bad that protel only gave us two kinds of fields:

Library - read only at sch level.   Values are drawn from library.
Part - can change at sch level.  No values are drawn from library, only the
name of the field.

I've often wished for a third type in between the two that can be changed
at the sch level but has a default value that is drawn from the library.

my $0.2
Dave Lewis

"Nick Papas" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 02/09/2003 07:36:11 PM

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Subject:  Re: [PEDA] BOM part fields shown as *

Sounds like you may have your additional component information defined in
your "Part Field Names".
These "Part Field Names" can be edited in the library editor to give a
"name" to each part field instead of the default "Part Field 1 - Part Field
16", but this information does not appear in the BOM list.

You should either place your required information in the "Library Fields"
(otherwise known as "Read Only Fields") within the library editor, or in
"Part Fields" within the schematic editor.
Then, when generating your BOM, simply activate the appropriate library or
part fields to be included in the list, and you should find your additional
component information included.

By the way, Protel (in their infinite wisdom) have defaulted any blank
fields with "*", making it extremely difficult to use the * wildcard to
search these fields, but just like lots of other issues within Protel, I'm
sure you can find a work-around.

With Kind Regards
Nick Papas

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From: Mikael Johansson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Sunday, 9 February 2003 18:07
Subject: [PEDA] BOM part fields shown as *

I'm a newbie trying to evaluate Protel 99SE SP6. I've created a component
library where the part fields store supplier, order codes etc.

When I create a BOM from the schematic the very same part fields only
contain an asterisk '*'.

If I doubleclick on a component in the schematic I can see my order codes
... as well as a column with the '*'.

How do I copy my order codes... to the columns shown in the BOM (for all
components in the schematic)?

Mikael Johansson

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