I may misunderstand here but:

Turn off the "Group parts together if matched by:" and it will annotate
directly in position order as you wish and not group together eg 10k

Whenever I need to always group multipart components I always add
another comment to the user fields and group by the user field too.  Eg,
for an quad opamp I might put quad1 in all four parts user field 10, it
then correctly keeps them grouped together.  I never bother turning off
"Group parts together if matched by:" because I always reannoate from
the pcb (our techs like it that way, easier to find) 

Hope that helps 


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Hi all,
        this is an issue that I am sure has been around a while. On this
design I am working it has just become too much for me to accept, is
there something I am missing or a work around?
        Trying to annotate a two page schematic it keeps pre-sorting and
ordering it's annotate based on the part type information. It is not
simply using the part type information for matching purposes, it is
doing matched part type designator assignments first.
        For example, here is what I am seeing.

I have a bunch of resistors on page two of the schematic. They are being
numbered R38, R39, R40, R42, etc. sorted according to the specified
annotate pattern. Then the next resistor may be R15. A short number of
resistors follow the original number pattern R43, R44, R45. Then I get
another one R16! The part type data of the R16 is the same as R15 and is
different than all the other mentioned resistors. On the same page I
noted some resistors of the same value/part type information that were
numbered R17 & R18 even though the other resistors around them are
numbered in the 50s.

        What P99SE is doing is annotating according to the specified
pattern only when it finds a part type that was not previously matched
by the part type. Parts with matching part types get annotated in the
order that the first component of that value was found on the first page
of the schematic, then it purposely searches out parts with the same
part type to annotate next in sequence even across other schematic

        On my configuration for annotating I do have the "Group parts
together if matched by:" set to part type. However this is only for
grouping multipart symbols, is it not? Matching multiple parts from a
single package? Or am I carrying old baggage from OrCAD or other
packages, the Help file agrees with me though?

Brad Velander.

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