thanks for the thoughts but I really don't believe your issue is related. I have 
modified the manner in which I annotate this schematic and proven my own suspicions 
that it was matching the part type fields to obtain an annotation order for parts that 
were not multi-parts.

Note that from my example every one of the R15, R16, R17 , R18 resistors that I had 
indicated were out of order, contained the same part type value (company part number). 
They were not entered in any particular order and actually were added gradually over a 
number of revisions so there is no hope of an entry order type issue.

   To confirm what I suspected I reset the schematic annotation. I deselected the 
match by part Type selection. I annotated the schematic. I got exactly what I would 
have expected originally, all of my resistors (and other parts) were annotated 
according to their physical location within the schematic pages. No R15s or R16s out 
of location amongst R4X or R5X parts. However, I also had annotations of ICs that 
assigned individual designations to each individual part of a multipart device.
   Solution: add a second and third step to annotating. After running the annotation 
with no match by part type, globally edit the IC designators back to U?. Select 
annotate ("?" parts only) select match by Part Type, run annotation to correctly 
annotate ICs.

The big question is, do I have to keep doing this? Is there something set somewhere 
that I don't know about? Is there another option that is not quite so time consuming?

Brad Velander.

Lead PCB Designer
Norsat International Inc.
Microwave Products
Tel   (604) 292-9089 (direct line)
Fax  (604) 292-9010

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> From: JaMi Smith [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2003 1:56 PM
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> Cc: JaMi Smith
> Subject: Re: [PEDA] P99SE Annotate component sorting order.
> Brad,
> The following may meander a little from the basic problem you are
> describing, but I think it is nonetheless directly relevant, 
> and actually
> address the problem in an indirect way.
> It sounds like Protel suffers from the same problem that 
> many, if not most,
> of these EDA software systems do, in that, the manner in 
> which the internal
> databases store information is in most cases what I call "Entry Order
> Driven", that is, that the first part entered in the design 
> stays at the top
> of the database list (and any subsequent parts of the same 
> type may (or may
> not) get put up there with it), and that all connections are 
> put in their
> own little database list in the order in which they were 
> entered, etc.,
> etc., etc., and that all of these entries in all of the 
> different internal
> databases never loose their original position in the internal 
> database list,
> or are moved from their original "Entry Order", unless 
> possibly it is to
> sort them by some other parameter that is totally unrelated 
> to the actual
> electrical design, such as the part number of the devices, or 
> the footprint
> type of the devices, or the physical length of the actual 
> connection line on
> the physical schematic, etc., etc., etc., which is again, 
> totally unrelated
> to the electrical function of the schematic.
> Brad, the simple answer may just be to delete R15, R16, R17, 
> and R18 (and
> and any other of their counterpart), from the schematic, 
> cycle the design a
> few times , and then re-enter them. Then they may actually 
> renumber where
> you think they should, but then again, you will have now 
> screwed up all of
> the connections to those parts, which are now going to be at 
> the bottom of
> the list for lines and connections, and hence nets.
> Oh Well, I think that you will at least begin to see the scope of the
> problem.
> Actually, why don't you try manually numbering them to be 
> what you want, and
> then "Updating", and  then "Annotating" again.
> Needless to say, I could ramble on about this for days and 
> weeks and months,
> and as a result get so upset as to even maybe write a program 
> to do it right
> myself, just to calm down again.
> Enough for now.
> JaMi

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