Hi Abd,

If you look back at the first e-mail I sent on this subject, I believed it
was going to be rejected, so I asked people to e-mail me directly.

I think the attachment rejection still works on attachments greater then a
certain size, since an example file I sent got rejected before I zipped it.
I presumed at the time that the main reason for rejecting attachments was
because of the large size of Protel databases which would be bounced around
the world to everyone.

I didn't know I needed permission to send attachments, and presuably no-one
else did, as no-one else mentioned it.

Lastly, I think it was a bit strong chastising me for merely exposing a


David Watling

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While the intention to provide a utility to Protel users is appreciated, it

is very bad form to send any attachments to a mailing list without
permission. At one time this list was set to reject attachments, it appears

that this has been lost. This is a serious security issue.

A number of us have write access to a Protel user filespace that has been
used for this kind of purpose. I've been rather buried lately but I'm sure
that there is someone here who would post the files. However, to access the

filespace, as I recall, you must be a member of
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and accept a yahoo cookie for the session. I
think that if you join the list and register with yahoo you may be able to
upload the files yourself.

As to why the access is limited to list members, the decision was made
because the yahoo user agreement in effect provides that material which is
accessible to the general public has thereby been placed in the public
domain. On the one hand, this might be an argument against using yahoo for
the user lists, on the other hand, there are many benefits. In any case,
decisions like this rest with the Association,

(You can join these lists by sending a piece of mail to, for example,
[EMAIL PROTECTED] In that case you can subscribe and
read the lists by regular email without accepting yahoo cookies if that
concerns you.)

The protel-users family of lists on yahoogroups.com is generally set for
moderator approval of membership because of bad experience with spammers.
The approval, for anyone who is actually interested in Protel, is merely a

I do recommend joining [EMAIL PROTECTED] if you are at all
involved with Protel. This is primarily a backup list for the Forum, which
you are now reading. If you have an urgent question that pops up
unexpectedly, and the Forum seems to be down, you can then ask it there
without having to wait for moderator approval of your membership. That list

is also open to non-emergency posts regarding Protel issues, but please,
except in an emergency, do not post the same message or question to both
lists. Either list generally works for getting good support, but the Forum
list is larger and includes nearly everyone who is subscribed to the
yahoogroups list. The yahoogroups list does, however, count among its
members nearly every major writer for the Forum list.

(The protel-users list will not add significantly, under present
conditions, to your mail load....)

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