YES, PADS does do all that's been mentioned below. I layout out boards using
PADS POWER PCB 4.01, PROTEL DXP, and ORCAD Layout. I think that PROTEL
has come along way with their latest release of DXP, but I still prefer
to layout boards in PADS. I used to refer to PROTEL as "PROHELL", but like I
said before I can see allot of effort has been put into this new DXP
 I also use Specctra 10.0, ORCAD CIS, and SolidWorks 2003.


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        I last used PADs in about 1998 (Power PCB early versions, 3.X I think). At
that time it didn't have anything that would support the level of
intelligence that you described. Just like with Protel, you would have had
to select the part & fanout, then move it, then reroute traces. I suspect
that the operation is not as simple even today as this person told you,
especially not without running an autorouter. PADs did rubber band traces
but it typically did so with no intelligence and left a mess that I
typically found worse to clean up than deleting the traces and re-routing
from scratch in that effected area.
        I would have to ask, does Spectra have this capability? If Spectra doesn't
then I suspect that nobody does, at least not as simply as it was described.

Brad Velander.

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> we are about to embark on a large project for an outside customer
> (second spin, one year in rev, 16 layers, yada yada)
> we will be using 99SE and probably spectra
> in talking with the manager (a very smart fellow BTW)
> at our customer's place he said:
> 'I HATE Protel!' quite vigorously
> i said "Oh?" (pretty diplomatic i thought)
> he said he watches his people tediously draw track segments and
> then when they have to move something, rip it up and re-draw
> everything
> segment by segment
> 'very primitive' as he put it
> he then went on to say that he used to do this stuff and he used PADs
> he said with PADS he could pick up a fully routed and fanned
> out QFP and
> plop it somewhere else
> all the traces would remain attached and reroute themselves around
> obstacles
> very fast and easy he claimed, like a mini-manual-autorouter
> anybody know about this or have experience with newer
> versions of PADS ?
> my last look at it was probably in the 70's :)
> As DXP does not seem to offer any productivity gains which i
> can see we
> may be looking for another package
> Dennis Saputelli

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