Hi Ted

You could try selecting all the components on the "bottom layer", unlock 
their primitives, then change the tracks/attributes on "mechanical layer 
1" to "mechanical layer 2" - that applies to the bottom assembly drawing. 
Make sure when you do the global change that you match by "selection" and 
"layer" and set the scope to "all primitives".  You'll have to perform 
this operation for each of "tracks" (make sure you include arcs - subtle 
checkbox on the bottom right of the change track dialogue box), "strings" 
and any other item.  After doing this, also make sure you re-lock the 
component primitives.

I hope this isn't too garbled.


10/16/03 08:47 AM
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[PEDA] Assembly drawings

I have been given the task to add assembly drawings to a design that 
engineer is working on using protel 99SE. I would like to go into the
library that he is currently using and just add a mechanical layer 1 to 
part with a .comment string, and update the PCB from the library.  There 
about 100 parts on the secondary side of the PCB, is there a way to
automatically change the mechanical layer to layer 2 with out having to
select each out line and cut it and past it on another layer for the parts
on the secondary side of the PCB? Is there another way that this can be
accomplished that I am should be looking into.


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