At 12:06 PM 10/21/2003, you wrote:
Mr. Lomax
        Thank you for the information it will work for this project. However
I would like to have this done automatically, one less thing too worry about
and one less thing for someone to forget. I would like to build a server to
do what it is I need to have done, I have never tried something like this
and was hoping that some one could give me some guidance or lead me into the
right direction on how to get started, and what I might need. I looked into
the Protel archives and didn't find any information on building servers or
what I need to get started.

If your company procedures require an assembly drawing, you won't be able to forget it. I know that the process can be automated, and it can probably be automated within Protel, someone else will be able to write more about that. I'd be tempted to do it off-line. Since I think the ASCII database is not as complete as the binary at this time (is this also true for DXP?), I'd think of writing the ASCII PCB file, processing it to create a new PCB file with the necessary primitives, loading that file, and copying the new stuff into the original file. This is not at all a difficult task, which is why I'd think of doing it that way.

It is easy enough to do it manually that I never got around to automating the process. If you do more than one assembly drawing a week, it would probably be worth it. And, of course, a utility would be of interest to other users. I'd suggest some discussion first to hash out exactly what the utility would do, what options would it have, etc.

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