There was a Bitmap converter that you could download from the forum web
sight. I still have a copy of it and could e-mail it too you.



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Hi William,

I can convert your logo to gerber and create a protel symbol for you from an
uncompressed tif file. It would cost you $50.00. If you are interested,
output your tif in as high a resolution as possible and then zip it and send

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Hi Paul,

I cannot open the web page.  I keep getting the MS IE error message
"Cannot find server or DNS Error" (the dreaded white page).


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For the fonts question see this page:
This info applies to P99se and earlier, I'm not sure if it applies to

For putting a bitmap into the PCB there are a few different bitmap to
converter programs out there. I can't remember where to get the programs
I'm sure someone else on the list will point you to them.


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> Hi all,
> I am trying to meet the requirements for documentation in our company
> which is that I must have the company logo on all PCB's, and I also
> to place some non-English characters on the board and its document.
> When I use the <alt>-[number] format, the character shows correctly in
> the popup dialog when placing text, but shows as an entirely different
> and unrelated character when viewing the board.  Help?
> Also, does anyone know how to place a graphics file on a PCB document
> a bitmap, TIF, GIF or other file format?  I need to put the company
> on the PCB document, and it seems I can only do it in schematic
> documents.  Does anyone know any tricks whereby I could accomplish
> I am just a little rusty since it has been two years since I used
> 99SE (and I only used it for 8 months & did not use it to its full
> capabilities), now I am just starting to use DXP and it is a LOT
> different.
> Best regards,
> William J. Dager
> Senior Engineering Technician
> Neuronetics, Inc.

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