The violations detail is also included right on the Messages panel but it
doesn't show the specific highlight as does the PCB panel Jerry noted. That
would be a nice addition.

Why are people asking DXP questions on the PEDA list? You'll probably get
more answers on the DXP list.

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In the PCB panel select rules from the drop down, select a rule class,
double click on a violation. A single click will highlight it the double
click opens the familiar details window.

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Subject: [PEDA] Hilighting DRC violations in DXP?

        Hey all,

        Really silly question here, but how exactly do I go about
highlighting design rules violations in the PCB editor in DXP? This seems to
function a little differently than in 99SE...

        I can generate the DRC okay, and see all of the violations display
in the MESSAGES window, and click on them to get the screen to recenter
approximately onto whichever feature is causing the problem, but I still
have to go right-clicking through on all of the objects to find one that
includes a VIOLATIONS sub-menu, where I can finally hilight the error. This
does little good, because you still have to hunt down the piece!

        In 99SE you could just click the rule error and then click Jump
and/or Hilight and it would flash which object it was talking about on the
Is there a way to do this in DXP? The help files seem rather confusing on
this subject. Am I just missing something stupid?

All the best,
-- Matt

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