At 07:25 PM 1/8/2004, Steve Smith wrote:
What would be a reasonable amount of time to come up to speed on the
schematic capture portion of DXP?  I have experience is several different
CAD packages (Viewlogic, Orcad, CadInt, etc) so I understand the process.
I've spent several frustrating days in DXP and wonder if it's me or is this
an overly complicated product.  Unfortunately, I don't have allot of time to
spend learning a toll at this time.

"Come up to speed" starting from what? From Protel 99SE and considering only schematic, it looks to me like not much time. (PCB is worse.) But from OrCAD, it would be more.

My general recommendation is to
(1) read the manual and training docs. This could take a few hours. At least scan them....
(2) join the DXP list and ask questions sooner rather than later, instead of exhausting yourself in frustration when how to do something is less than obvious. And read the list and learn from similar questions from others.

The good news about Protel is that usually there are several ways to do a thing, and at least one of them is intuitively obvious -- once you've seen it for the first time.... This is good because it makes it easier to remember. Some programs, I've found, even when I finally find out how to do the thing, next day, I've forgotten. I ought to keep a lab notebook....

Many of us, as engineers or with similar thinking, want to figure it all out ourselves. Manuals are for wimps, and asking questions -- next to inconceivable! But most of us are not paid to rediscover how to do process X in Protel, we are paid to finish jobs as efficiently and accurately as is reasonably possible..... Sometimes trying to figure out a process does help in terms of learning one's way around the program, but.... I wouldn't let it get to the point of serious frustration before squawking!

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