I think what you are seeing is the crosshairs to the pad. What you are
talking about looks like they intersect at the center of the pad, if this is
not what you are talking about I am missing something else. I am sure once
you view the gerbers you will not see the voids.



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Have you looked at the gerbers?  The display can be confusing at times, but 
the gerbers are unambiguous.


At 02:06 AM 1/14/2004, you wrote:
>Yesterday I started a new PCB design and I collided to
>this situation. Pleace see this file:
>This picture shows what is my problem. There is 3.3V plane and some
>PADs and VIA that are connected to it. The VIA seems OK to me, but
>what's wrong with the PADs?? There are relief to plane but there is
>also some kind of "opening" next to PADs that are connected to Plane.
>Does anyone ever seen this (Iam NOT), how this can happen and how I can
>get rid of it?!
>I have tried to assign net on LAyer Stack Manager, I tried to clear all
>nets -> reload it, I have checked all my Rules...
>I also loaded my netlist to a new PCB file and it seems planeconnection
>to Plane is OK also for PADs.
>Juha Pajunen, Hw Engineer
>Bitboys Oy
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