Users of this list (PEDA) should be aware that there is a backup list operated by the Protel Users Association, [EMAIL PROTECTED] It was created to be of use at those times when the PEDA list might be down. It is also open for general information for Protel users, *but* we request that users not cross-post to both PEDA and protel-users, since most members of protel-users also belong to PEDA as well.

However, if you've sent a post to the PEDA list and it fails to come back to you in a reasonable period of time, i.e., you have reason to suspect that PEDA is down, then it is acceptable to post the same question to protel-users.

(Most major writers for PEDA also subscribe to the backup list.)

Membership in the list protel-users, plus the association of your membership with a yahoo ID, is also required for access to the protel-users filespace on, where many utilities and other files of interest are stored, as well as the list archive.

To join, send a piece of email to [EMAIL PROTECTED], and respond to the confirmation mail. The list protel-users is not itself moderated, but membership requires moderator approval, which is only to prevent spammers from joining. Because there may be some delay in approving membership, we encourage all Protel users to join the backup list *before* you need it! And if you don't want even the small traffic involved, you can join and set your membership (through yahoo) to Special Notices or No Mail. The former is highly recommended. As a member, you'll be able to get access immediately if you need it.

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