In the case of PCB WEST TOP GUN, the actual design is held in confidence for
obvious reasons. You are given a BOM with the uncommon parts data sheets at
the beginning prior to the contest. This allows you to make your library
parts that may not already be in your library. The schematic and board
outline is delivered at the start of the contest. You are given 16 hours,
(two 8 hour days) to complete the board. There is a design change or ECO
about 3/4ths the way through the contest... You must also deal with that.

They change the designs year to year, but the difficulty is in the same
general level. They try to even the playing field by choosing a broad
selection of design features to give unfair advantage to no one. Some
analog, some digital, some RF, some mixed signal, some advanced features, it
generally is a medium to tough board. You must make some library parts, You
will have to use all the features of the tool. You must finish and turn in
all the deliverables before the deadline.  

Each designer uses their own familiar tool and brings it to the contest. The
CAD station is under lock and key when not involved in the actual contest.
The overall contest is monitored by experienced TOP GUN designers who
volunteered who judge the boards and documentation with the help a high end
CAM station. 

The idea was to pit designer/tool against designer/tool. In the case you
suggest it would really be designer vs designer the tool would be the same. 

TOP Protel Designer would be a prestigious award for a PCB designer who used
Protel. A good idea. 

Bill Brooks 
PCB Design Engineer , C.I.D., C.I.I.
Tel: (760)597-1500 Ext 3772 Fax: (760)597-1510

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And if the standard design is available, it might be possible for other CAD
systems to hold their own investigation by holding, say, a Protel Top
Designer contest *using the same design information.*

Such a contest could be held by the Protel User Association; certainly I'd 
be interested in the results. In fact, I'd like to participate (though I 
wouldn't expect to be a winner, my chops are a bit rusty.)

Is the Top Gun design source information available?

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