Contests only are good for the day of the contest. A million things can
affect the outcome of a contest. One guy who was competing could not get his
machine to boot up... he wasted hours of precious time troubleshooting it
before he could even get started.... That's just the nature of contests...
there is luck involved, even though most of us would like to think it was
pure skill. It's a horse race.

Protel can do 90% of the things that the other cad systems do... Not very
many of us are working in service bureaus, where the emphasis on speed can
be critical. Protel meets the majority of the needs of the majority of
designers that use it. We would like to see them fix the issues we have and
add the features we want and then we think it would be awesome.

Bill Brooks 
PCB Design Engineer , C.I.D., C.I.I.
Tel: (760)597-1500 Ext 3772 Fax: (760)597-1510

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> I know at least one person has made Top Gun using PADS. I 
> believe all others 
> who have made Top Gun used what would be considered high end 
> ($) CAD. If you 
> want to get the job done quickly and accurately, that is what 
> you want to 
> use. If you cannot afford one of these high end tools, If you 
> have more time 
> than money  then you will be forced to use a low cost CAD, 
> but be aware that 
> in the end you will spend almost as much, it's just that you will be 
> spending your time instead of money. And in time to market, 
> you will almost 
> certainly loose.

So Bill didn't win the Top Gun title....  was his resulting board design
functional?  Isn't that what really counts?  Sure it would be nice to meet
all the ideals of a competition and win.  But it is hard to justify large
amounts of money for someone who is doing double sided, non-high frequency
boards.  And if you can do high frequency, impedance control designs that
work in Protel,  all the better.  There's a big range of requirements out
there...  one size does not fit all.

duane foster 

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