At 10:48 AM 5/4/2004, John A. Ross [Design] wrote:
Does anyone else use this method for keeping top sheets clean in 99SE?

See screenshot

If you look at net labels HA[0..18], HD[0..15] and HA20/HA21/WE0 you
will see that I have added additional sheet entries of the same name
while using only a single port on the child sheet.

No, I've never tried that, and I don't like it. When a bus goes to more than one sheet, I'm used to seeing a bus line, not an extra sheet entry. It would take very little space to do this. But if you really want to save space, I *think* that it will work to delete the extra port, back up the bus line that goes to where the extra port was, and adding the bus name to the extra bus segment, which is then hanging. Like a net name on a wire that appears to go nowhere. We see this and expect to find it elsewhere on the sheet, so it is clear.

If it doesn't work, then you might need to add the extra bus line to physically connect the two buses. That's easy to do on the sheet you show, you won't have to move anything.

Sort of a one (child sheet) to many (parent sheet) and it seems to work

I'd have thought it would probably work, but I'm not unhappy that it's apparently been taken out (the ability to recognise multiple sheet entries on a single sheet with the same name). It is very easy for that to be an error condition.

But Importing this to 2004 and compile, the compiler does not like this
at all. I tried creating the same number of sheet entries as the sheet
symbol has but it seems 2004 will choke on same name items.

Yup. (I haven't tried it, but that is good behavior, in my opinion.)

I have been given today the task of translating some more 99SE designs
which have between 20-40 sheets and it seems this small workaround has
come back to bite me. If anyone has any ideas on a workaround to save
redrawing the top sheets 'ugly' then please let mw know.

I don't think your tops sheets will be ugly if you fix this. Simply deleting the extra ports and adding the bus name again on the higher level sheet should do it, and if it doesn't, making the bus wires explicit will improve readability, not detract from it. There is such a thing as an excess of neatness!

That DXP (2004?) treats buses differently is ... something that should be flagged as an issue, but that it creates errors makes it acceptable, albeit, I'm sure, frustrating.

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