For those using P99SE, and possibly considering going to DXP/P2004, here is another comment on DXP/P2004. (Note: to satisfy those that don't think it is I have *not* used the word "[EMAIL PROTECTED]".)

Something I *really* don't like about DXP/P2004 is the way it highlights PCB components and rooms when they are selected. It puts a grey box over them.

This is OK in most situations but is very annoying when you have a large component that sits over (or under) a lot other smaller components that you are mucking about with. I have always found this irritating. I often find I accidentally get this big grey annoying box, right across the area I am working in, when I click in what I thought was empty space.

There are a few things that can be done to help, locked components don't get selected by click-selections and you can select some primitives to be only selected by Shift-Clicks rather than a simple click. So locking the big components and setting up the shift-click options for rooms and components will help.

People moving from P99SE to DXP/P2004 will also quickly notice the loss of the two "selection" states in P99SE - things can be selected and focused in P99SE. In DXP/P2004 things can only be selected. Things have been done to improve this so you can drag a object without it affecting the selection now. But this is certainly one area that requires some un-learning when going from P99SE to DXP. I say unlearning as the P99SE, while a great feature, is not all that Windowsy standard - but I am happy to work with a non-standard interface if there is some advantage to it.


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