Hi there.

I, too, had this issue and was stumped at first.
Re-installing the printer driver seemed to alleviate the problem, but it still popped up occasionally.
It became so bad, that I could no longer open design without getting an access violation.
That prompted me to re-install P99SE and SP6 (made a backup of ini, cfg and rcs files): the problem was gone.
But after putting back the ini, cfg and rcs files the problem was back, too.....
Turned out to be a corrupt cfg file, after re-re-installing and leaving the cfg file alone (I *did* copy back teh rcs and ini files) the problem was gone completely.
If you have added button icons, be sure to backup those too.

Hope this helps.

Leo Potjewijd
hardware designer
Integrated Engineering B.V.

+31 20 4620700

At 23-7-2004 02:15, Harry Lemmens wrote:
G'Day All,

I have a similar issue with Protel SP6 for 99SE coupled with Win2k
SP4. installation of both caused my machine to become very unstable, throwing
the access violation at many places with 99SE. (Mainly in the simulator though,
However, leaving the machine for a while was also popping the same problem.) I
did discover that turning off the auto-backup facility in 99SE seemed to
virtually eliminate this issue. (Although ... the simulator will still fall over
at the slightest provocation!)

So, perhaps turning off Auto-backup will help resolve your current dilemma?

If someone else has a better suggestion, I certainly would like to know, as I do
occasionally find the simulator useful. (Even though it is a pig of a thing to
use, especially regarding the addition of spice models)


-----Original Message----- From: John Girvan [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Friday, July 23, 2004 9:53 AM To: 'Protel EDA Forum' Subject: [PEDA] SP6 not printing

Win2k Pro (SP2), 99SE, error when printing.

hey there,

we recently put SP6 on one of our machines here as we were\are running SP5.
was a new-ish machine and everything was running smoothly...

when printing a schematic we now get an 'access violation' error (ignore or
quit) and cannot print the schematic on this machine. after this u have to
close down protel and re-open and it gets ugly with access violation errors
in windows that will not go away unless u kill the client99se task.

got me stuffed!

any help appreciated.



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