On 03:49 AM 17/08/2004, Jim Monroe said:
Corrupted? Can you elaborate a little? Is Altium aware of this and is their a KB item?

I haven't noticed any problems. In fact I've been impressed at how well a DXP PCB exports to 99se. Of course it's necessary to review and re-define some of the design rules, and create new split planes to replace DXP style splits, but I haven't found any "corruption".


Jim, my experience is like yours. In the past I have had good translation back to P99SE (but I have not done it for a long time now).

Mike,  can you explain more?

Is this one of your projects where you don't have a sch but are using a netlist? Just wondering if this makes a difference (it shouldn't but I was wondering).

What do you mean "does not support online connectivity"? One of the ongoing complaints with DXP, and now P2004, is the time it spends analysing connectivity, even when you would think it is not necessary (such as moving a designator) (not an issue for most but on large designs it can be a problem). There are a couple of Altium KB articles dealing with speeding analysing up. One of them is to disable "Smart Track Ends" - a feature which, as I understand it, is designed to improve the ability of the system to figure out where to draw the connection line in a partially completed rout (not necessarily the closest point as P99SE does).

Are you referring to DXP/P2004 *not* showing broken net details on-line in the PCB browser? (Something that P99SE did.) If so, is this carried over to P99SE when you Save-As back to a V4.0 file? I had not noticed that when I was saving-as to V4.0, but it is not something I would have necessarily seen.

Can you provide any more details?

Bye for now,

At 06:31 AM 8/16/2004, Mike Reagan wrote:

>I know this is not a dxp forum but I'm sure someone can help.
>Can someone Tell me how to save a dxp file back to SE?
>Is it as easy as file/save as/ version 4.0?


Yes but the pcb file will be corrupted when you load it into 99SE. This is because DXP does not support online connectivity. After you open it in 99SE, start a clean (second) pcb file, Select All from the pcb you transfered back from DXP, copy then paste to the clean sheet. You will need to import a clean netlist, reconstruct your design rules, and you will need to review all of the split planes. The board will now work in 99SE

Mike Reagan
Frederick MD

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