I just checked with 99SE. It can be done.
Add a clearance rule as follows
A = Object Kind: Polygon
B = Net : ETH
Clearance = 12 mil
Same Net only.

It works for me any how.

Ian Capps

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> Thanks, JaMi for your detailed reply.
> When I wrote "rule for polygon clearance of 12mil", I was referring to a
> "Clearance Constraint" for Object Kind = Polygon.
> I cannot get Protel99SE to do what I want so I will draw what I want with
> Fills, Circles, and Tracks.
> Thanks for the suggestions.
> Cam
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> Cam,
> Firstly, what "rule for polygon clearance of 12mil" are you talking about?
> There is a rule under "Manufacturing" for "Polygon Connect Style" and also
> one for "Power Plane Connect Style" and also "Power Plane Clearance", but
> not one for "Polygon Clearance".
> You may be speaking of some specific "Clearance Constraint" that you have
> set up that you have named "polygon clearance", but you will have to
> that one to me.
> I believe that the simple answer to your question would be to set the
> "Polygon Connect Style" rule under "Manufacturing" to "Relief Connect",
> then than set up an additional "Clearance Constraint" rule which applies
> "Scopes" of "Board", "Board", and the "Connectivity" of "Same Nets", with
> the clearance of 12 mils, and enable this Clearance Rule at the same time
> that you "Pour" your Polygon Planes with a "Clearance Constraint" rule
> enabled which applies to "Scopes" of "Board", "Board", and the
> "Connectivity" of "Different Nets" with the clearance set to 97 mils (i.e.
> enable both rules, but only these two rules, at the time of the "Pour" of
> the Polygon Plane).
> If that fails, read on.
> I am not quite sure that what you want can be done in P99SE with a
> "rule" that would be set up by "class" etc., that wouldn't apply to the
> whole net EARTH as a whole, or otherwise be complex enough to screw up.
> I encounter the problem all of the time, where I want my Polygon Planes to
> have a larger clearance or setback than my normal clearances, which sounds
> something like what you are trying to describe below.
> The trick is to remember that a Polygon Plane clearance is really pretty
> "dumb", in that it is actually defined by the "clearance rule" ("Clearance
> Constraint") in effect at the time of the actual Polygon "Pour" (i.e.:
> time you generate a Polygon or "Re-Pour" ("Rebuild") it).
> I generally make a "Design Rule" for "Clearance Constraint" which I name
> "Clearance PP (for Polygon Plane)", with the "Scopes" of "Board", "Board",
> and the "Connectivity" of "Different Nets", and the specific clearance
> I want, which in your case would be 12 mils, but in my case it would be
> larger than the normal clearance for everything else.
> Normally, this "rule" would be "off" (no "check" in the "Enabled" box) for
> normal routing and board work, but then when I am ready to make my Polygon
> Planes, I disable (turn off) all of the other "Clearance Constraint"
> and enable (turn
> on) only my "Clearance - PP (Polygon Plane)" rule, and than make or "Pour"
> my Polygon Planes.
> Again, please remember that every time that you "Pour" or "Re-Pour" (Build
> or
> Rebuild) a Polygon Plane, that it "Pours" at the "Clearance Constraint" in
> effect at that time, and that this means that if you have a Polygon Plane
> already set up, and you double-click on the Polygon Plane to open it's
> Dialogue Box for any reason, that if you click "Yes" to the question
> "Rebuild 1 Polygons?", that you are liable to change the clearance of your
> Polygon Plane. If you really do have to "Re-Pour" the Polygon Plane, you
> will have to go into your "Design Rules" and enable and disable the
> appropriate rules, and then change them back again when you are done with
> all of your "Pours".
> Needless to say, if you want to have different clearances for different
> Polygon Planes, such as for example for Polygon Planes on different
> then the "trick" to accomplishing this is simply to "Pour" (or "Re-Pour")
> them with different "Clearance Constraints" in effect at the time of each
> "Pour" (or "Re-Pour").
> Sometimes you may even need different "segments" of a single Polygon Plane
> in different areas to have different clearances, such as for example an
> around certain "controlled impedance transmission lines" which may need
> larger clearances. This can be easily done by actually making up your
> Polygon Plane with not a single Polygon Plane, but using several different
> but overlapping Polygon Planes of the same net name, and "Re-Pouring" the
> different segments with different "Clearance Constraints" in effect for
> "Pour". You may end up with a few little "uglies" here and there, where
> planes overlap, but that's what an occasional little floating piece of
> "track" of the same net name (overlaid on the plane at that spot) is
> designed to be used for, to clean it up, aesthetically speaking.
> Yeah, I know it's a pain, but that's Protel. What else would you expect?
> While someone else may come up with some other way to accomplish what you
> want to do, for me this is a simple and effective way to accomplish the
> that works reliably for me from board to board (design to design), without
> any repercussions or side effects, excepting the "Re-Pour" issue.
> Unfortunately, in this case, like so many other things in Protel, you
> have to manually override the system to get it to do what you want it to
> and every time that you have to do something like this, you have to take
> chance that it will not be seen or understood by someone else down the
> which means that someone else could easily screw up the design, in this
> simply by "Rebuilding 1 polygons" [sic] (I don't think that Protel can
> actually "Rebuild" more than "1" "polygons" at a time, can it?). To
> such a problem from happening in the future, you might place a "Note" just
> outside of the board perimeter, on some unused mechanical layer, or
> the same layer you use for the board outline (or even on the Top Overlay,
> but again, just outside the board outline), something to the effect of:
> "DESIGN NOTE: Polygon Planes poured with 97 mil clearance using
> "Clearance-PP Constraint".
> Yeah, I know, some idiot will still mess it up somewhere down the line in
> future revision, but what do you expect with this software.
> Don't forget that you may have to "juggle" the "Clearance Constraint"
> Rules a little bit when it comes time to do your DRC, or you might want to
> actually run a few separate DRCs with different Rules in effect (possibly
> using a "copy" of the database where you would delete the Polygon Planes
> with the smaller clearance so that you could check everything else). Here
> again Protel's preprogrammed "intelligence" (or specifically the lack
> thereof) really shines thru, but then again, I don't think that I have
> done a design in Protel where the DRC didn't screw up somewhere and
> about something that wasn't really an error (don't get me started on this
> one . . . ). Please remember that the board is built to your "Gerbers" and
> not to your DRC, and that sometimes the DRC may claim that something is
> wrong where the board is actually right.
> I hope this helps to answer some the issues you raise with your question.
> JaMi
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> From: "Cam Andruik" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2004 1:55 PM
> Subject: [PEDA] Net with large clearance and polygon
> > Help please.
> > I want to set the net EARTH to have a clearance of 97mil.  This is no
> > problem, but when I place a EARTH net Polygon Pour it stays away from
> > everything, including the EARTH Through Hole Pads by 97mils. Cannot
> > figure out how to edit the rules so the Polygon will stay away from
> > all nets by 97mils except EARTH net which should default to the rule
> > for polygon clearance of 12mil. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
> >

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