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> hello,... I am not able to embed a picture in my
> latex file (even though the
> file is of eps format).I am attaching the screen
> shots so that it might be
> of help by the way the path is correct and theres
> absolutely no problem with
> the encapsulated picture file(i mean i get no error
> when i open it with GS
> view).This is not a bug i believe! I have attached
> the snapshots of my
> screen,

Judging from the screenshots that you showed, you are
trying to create a PDF using pdfLaTeX rather than just
LaTeX. With LaTeX, graphics should be in EPS format,
but with pdfLaTeX, the graphics formats are PDF, PNG,
and TIFF.

You should be able to convert from EPS to PDF using
the epstopdf utility. Unfortunately, that's a
command-line utility, and I don't if there is a
graphical front end for it.

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