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    You should be able to convert from EPS to PDF using
    the epstopdf utility. Unfortunately, that's a
    command-line utility, and I don't if there is a
    graphical front end for it.

Siep Kroonenberg has written a GUI graphics conversion program for
Windows (and other platforms):


ok,.. actually i just wanted to get the few pictures into my report and i
tried every possible way(eps, pdf, png, tiff) to include the picture, but
dint succeed... is it really possible to get the picture(possibly a colored
one) into the tex file and get the pdf out of it?
when i tried with pdf format of the picture i got an error msg like this

! latex error: cannot determine the size of graphic in pic.pdf (no

and the pic.pdf i created using openoffice draw by exporting to pdf format

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