Ben schrieb:
> OK, so I'm trying to install ProTeXt. Or in fact I only need LaTeX,
> but I understood that I then needed this huge package.

Then you understood wrong. In case you only need LaTeX, there's no 
obstacle to load MiKTeX directly from

> Now, I happen to really have a strong dislike for Adobe's monstrously
> huge pdf-reader.
> I use FoxIt pdf-reader (, so
> why this weird requirement of commercial Adobe software I don't need?
> Could someone tell me how to skip this nonsense and install without
> being force-fed a ridiculous Adobe Acrobat monster?

Start FoxIt and open install\protext-install-en.pdf - i've got some 
notes that it may work. Alternatively enter  MiKTeX\setup and start 
MiKTeX's setup-routine manually.

> It's bad enough that its footprint is the size of an entire CD (why,
> by the way?'s full install is only 110 MB..)

Perhaps because TeX isn't OpenOffice?

> but I
> really refuse to install Adobe software in order to be able to start
> installation for LaTeX.
> And then to even have to join a mailinglist for just this 1 question.

Nobody claims that you've to join a mailinglist. You could post your 
question in comp.text.tex  as well.

> Geez. Sorry to have to say this, but some software developers clearly
> have their heads up their asses.

Well, you've got a complete software-distribution free of charge and 
furthermore you demand support for it. Do you think its the right way 
abusing the developers?
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