Dear Thomas,
thank you very much for your reply. I extracted the ProText-archive directly in 
root of c:\ and installation went alright. But now I have another problem. I am 
trying to update packages in Miktex but it fails to connect to internet. I have 
understood the reason. In the internet connection settings, I have to use a 
automatic configuration script. But in the options of connection settings of 
Miktex, I am only getting two options (Proxy address/port number and 
authentication required). Do you have any idea of how to handle this situation?
Kind Regards,

From: Thomas Feuerstack <>
To: masood maqbool <>
Sent: Fri, March 19, 2010 8:48:07 AM
Subject: Re: [protext] Trouble in installation of Texniccenter


masood maqbool schrieb:
> I have downloaded protext and am trying to install the package. I have 
> successfully installed Miktex but Texniccenter is not getting along. When I 
> click the hyper link <Click here to install TEXnicCenter>, a Windows error 
> appears <Windows cannot find 'C:\Documents'>. Any idea to get rid of this 
> problem?

this problem seems to occur, when you extracted the ProTeXt-archive beneath a 
directory containing blanks, i.e.
c:\Documents and settings\...

To get rid of that message, either

- try to start installTC.bat directly (you'll find it in the directory "addons" 
beneath the extracted ProTeXt-directory), or if this also fails

- start TXCSetup_1StableRC1.exe , inside the directory "TeXnicCenter".

Good luck - Thomas


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