I am wondering if there is any better work-around for the well-known
incompatibility when running these two excellent programs. I ask here
(if it's not obvious) because both are distributed as part of ProTeX.

It seems that both packages are under active development, so I am
hopeful for a solution I have overlooked.

Also, if anyone reading this has got automatic downloading to work AT
ALL with this combination of software, would you share the secret with
me?  I have tried several times (choosing"Yes" as instructed below)
but have never got it to work.

Thanks for any insights!

Mike Prager

(from the MT Web site)

LaTeX terminates with "GUI framework cannot be initialized" if invoked
from TeXnicCenter (1.0 Stable Release Candidate 1).  This happens when
a missing package needs to be installed and the pop-up window cannot
be displayed.

Remedy: start MiKTeX Options and choose either Yes or No (but not "Ask
me first") for the option "Install missing packages on-the-fly".

Mike Prager, NC, USA


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