Rhomas Feuerstack wrote on 4/26/2011 5:02 AM:
Am 23.04.2011 09:15, schrieb Mike Prager:
I am wondering if there is any better work-around for the well-known
incompatibility when running these two excellent programs. I ask here
(if it's not obvious) because both are distributed as part of ProTeX.

It seems that both packages are under active development, so I am
hopeful for a solution I have overlooked.

hmm, it might have been really a better idea to ask the developers of TeXnicCenter directly. As ProTeXt's maintainer its more in my interest to bring those packages together, which work best in combination.

Concerning to this, i'm not quite more happy with TeXnicCenter for a longer time, because beside the "GUI framework"-bug there are some more annoyances, which make me think about replacing TeXnicCenter by a different Editor in future releases:

- The automatic detection of MiKTeX lacks in case MiKTeX is installed in the default directories. This occurs since MiKTeX 2.7

- Until today TeXnicCenter doesn't support UTF-8-encoding, which makes it unusable with modern TeX-engines like XeTeX.

- At least there doesn't seem to be a very active development. I've just noticed, that the version to download is still version 1StableRC1, which it was already in January 2009.

So in my humble opinion, try using for example Texmaker (http://www.xm1math.net/texmaker/) before squandering too much energy in TeXniccenter.

Regards - Thomas


Thank you for the information. I also noticed that TeXnicCenter has not had any changes for over two years.

I tried TexMaker and liked it very much. The fast automatic configuration and the internal PDF viewer are great features. The only shortcoming that I noticed was that the speller cannot add words to the dictionary, nor can it be told to ignore words (like "Prager" or "Feuerstack"). I also tried TexMakerX, which has those abilities, but I didn't like the interface as much. Perhaps that would change if I used it longer.

Either one might be a good candidate for ProTex.

Best wishes,

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