On Oct 24, 4:14 am, sureshkk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am looking at a use case where one needs to transfer streaming data
> (video, file transfer etc..). Will PB support such a use case on its
> own?

What I've done in the C# port is have the concept of a streaming
writer and a streaming reader (iterator). The stream is exactly the
same as if it were all part of one "container" protocol buffer with a
repeated field (number 1).

You can see the code at:


(The iterator is quite complicated due to generics stuff - the
GetEnumerator method near the bottom is the critical loop.)

The nice thing about this is that if you *have* a container element
which is just a repeated field 1, you can use the two interchangably.
I may add more options for flexibility (variable field number,
skipping inappropriate fields etc) later, but this is a reasonable

Hope that helps.


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