On Jun 2, 6:41 pm, Kenton Varda <ken...@google.com> wrote:
> Yeah, we've dropped the ball on this.  Unfortunately the people in charge of
> the Python protocol buffers implementation also have other, apparently very
> demanding projects, and thus Python protobuf hasn't gotten the attention it
> deserves.  Sadly even Google doesn't have infinite engineering resources.
>  I'm trying to find a solution to this -- it's a management issue, though,
> not a technical one.

One positive thing to note is that if I can get the dynamic stuff
working with the C# port (when I've got custom options to actually
work: there's a whole bunch of changes I missed before) it should be
usable from IronPython. I know that .NET 4.0 and IronPython will only
be useful to a subset of our Python "customers" but it may be faster
than a pure Python implementation. (I'd be interested to see.)


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