Some background: we started using a small set of protobuf messages in a
couple of places in our software that aren't too performance-sensitive
(essentially as a C++/Java bridging protocol). That's worked well. Now
I'd like to start using it in more performance-sensitive places in our
Java code to replace various hand-rolled, hard to maintain, custom messages.

I don't yet have a good feel for the performance cost of using protobuf
messages in Java, or how much scope there is for tuning them. So I'd
like to try out some Java benchmarks looking mostly at the
encoding/decoding speed, and then try fixing any obvious hotspots. (For
example, I wonder if the Java code could benefit from the
switch-prediction tricks that the C++ code does?)

Is there a set of message definitions / data that I could run benchmarks
over while tweaking the implementation? Since the C++ implementation
seems to be well tuned already, I was hoping something like this was
already around, but I couldn't find anything in the usual places..

I could just use the message types I already have, but I fear that's not
going to be very representative as they're mostly simple, flat messages
where the bulk of the data is inside an opaque bytes field.


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