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New issue 187 by dima: Command-line argument to override the "optimize_for" option

The project I'm working has C++ and Java code that need to share a few
.proto files. However, in C++, we only build the lite version of the
protobuf library, while the Java code needs to have the full version. Since
the "optimize_for" option can only be specified in the .proto files
themselves, that makes sharing of .proto files very difficult.

This is not specific to C++ or Java: in general, it may be useful to
codegen multiple source files with different optimization settings from the
same .proto file.

I suggest that protoc have an "--optimize_for" command-line argument that
overrides any such options in the .proto files. I'm attaching a patch that
solves this in a very hacky way; hopefully, someone will know the proper
way to fix this.

        optimize_for.patch  2.3 KB

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