The final release of 2.4.0a Protobuf is uploaded:

Note that 2.4.0a fixed a java protobuf-lite build problem in 2.4.0. If you
are using the 2.4.0 version, please upgrade to 2.4.0a (the only diff is the
java protobuf-lite problem).

Documentation updates should be live within a day.

Special thanks to Kenton Varda for the support and help.

2011-02-02 version 2.4.0:

  * The RPC (cc|java|py)_generic_services default value is now false instead
  * Custom options can have aggregate types. For example,
      message MyOption {
        optional string comment = 1;
        optional string author = 2;
      extend google.protobuf.FieldOptions {
        optional MyOption myoption = 12345;
    This option can now be set as follows:
      message SomeType {
        optional int32 field = 1 [(myoption) = { comment:'x' author:'y' }];

  * Various speed and code size optimizations.
  * Added a release_foo() method on string and message fields.
  * Fixed gzip_output_stream sub-stream handling.

  * Builders now maintain sub-builders for sub-messages. Use getFooBuilder()
    get the builder for the sub-message "foo". This allows you to repeatedly
    modify deeply-nested sub-messages without rebuilding them.
  * no longer invalidates the Builder for generated messages
    (You may continue to modify it and then build another message).
  * Code generator will generate efficient equals() and hashCode()
    implementations if new option java_generate_equals_and_hash is enabled.
    (Otherwise, reflection-based implementations are used.)
  * Generated messages now implement Serializable.
  * Fields with [deprecated=true] will be marked with @Deprecated in Java.
  * Added lazy conversion of UTF-8 encoded strings to String objects to
  * Various optimizations.
  * Enum value can be accessed directly, instead of calling getNumber() on
    enum member.
  * For each enum value, an integer constant is also generated with the

  * Added an experimental  C++ implementation for Python messages via a
    extension. Implementation type is controlled by an environment variable
    The default value is currently "python" but will be changed to "cpp" in
    future release.
  * Improved performance on message instantiation significantly.
    Most of the work on message instantiation is done just once per message
    class, instead of once per message instance.
  * Improved performance on text message parsing.
  * Allow add() to forward keyword arguments to the concrete class.
      E.g. instead of
        item = repeated_field.add() = bar
        item.baz = quux
      You can do:
        repeated_field.add(foo=bar, baz=quux)
  * Added a sort() interface to the BaseContainer.
  * Added an extend() method to repeated composite fields.
  * Added UTF8 debug string support.

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