As you can see the 28th field has a bit mask setup in the generated code:
// optional int32 StateSequence = 28;
inline bool Order::has_statesequence() const {
  return (_has_bits_[0] & 0x88000000u) != 0;
inline void Order::set_has_statesequence() {
  _has_bits_[0] |= 0x88000000u;
inline void Order::clear_has_statesequence() {
  _has_bits_[0] &= ~0x88000000u;

The 29th field does not:
// optional .OXObjects.OrderStates OrderState = 29;
inline bool Order::has_orderstate() const {
  return (_has_bits_[0] & 0x00000000u) != 0;
inline void Order::set_has_orderstate() {
  _has_bits_[0] |= 0x00000000u;
inline void Order::clear_has_orderstate() {
  _has_bits_[0] &= ~0x00000000u;

Anyone have a fix for this in the protoc.exe code generator?

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