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New issue 444 by ShutdownProtobufLibrary() have to be called from each binaries, not only once.

I'm using Visual Studio 2012 Update 1.
I also use VLD to check memory leaks (which is far more helpful than the VS basic memory leak feature).

Assuming you have an application with several binaries, memory leaks occurs if ShutdownProtobufLibrary() is not called from code in each of the binaries using protobuf (in static lib), not only from the main executable.

Let's say I have
 - Foo : an executable using protobuf statically linked;
 - Bar : a DLL using protobuf statically linked;
 - Foo is linking Bar at compilation.
- Both Foo and Bar use protoc generated source code and libprotobuf serialization functions.

Then I observe that:
- If ShutdownProtobufLibrary() is called only at the end of main() in Foor, VLD will report memory leaks from protobuf. - If ShutdownProtobufLibrary() is called only somewhere in Bar (making sure it's called after use but before the end of main()), then I also have VLD reporting memory leaks from protobuf. - If I have both Foo calling ShutdownProtobufLibrary() and Bar calling it once not used but before Foo's call, then VLD report no memory leaks.

There should be a way to have a clean shutdown from only one point (at the end of the main() function). Maybe through another more general function?

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