I'd be interested in getting this done.  I do want it merged in at some 
point & this will only make it easier.  Since I did some of the translation 
at work I'm talking to legal about getting the contributor license 
agreement signed.  Free time is very rare though.

It might (not for sure, but just might) make sense to take the latest svn 
branch and merge my code into that.  It took a couple iterations to get it 
right so there are some commits that don't add anything in the end.  The 
hardest thing I think was finding all the places strings should be bytes. 
 I might have the time to do this in the next month or 2.

On Monday, April 22, 2013 11:54:15 AM UTC-7, Dale Peterson wrote:
> Charles,
>   Thanks for taking the time to do this!  Is it possible to make your 
> github repo be based off of the latest svn checkout of GPB?  I have used 
> the instructions here [0] to do this for other projects where I wanted to 
> use git but the official code was managed with svn (as in this case).  The 
> nice thing about this is then hopefully your work could be merged into GPB 
> down the road since it would be based off the most recent commit and the 
> merge conflicts would be eliminated.
> It looks like your initial svn checkout of the  GPB repos was a year ago 
> so all the python3 tests you've got are based on version 2.4.1.
> I've already set up git svn clone of the official google protobuf svn repo 
> here:
> https://github.com/hazelnusse/protobuf-git-svn
> If you were to clone this and see if you could apply all your patches to 
> the latest svn checkout, then hopefully the maintainers of GPB would be 
> more willing to get the ball rolling on Python3.
> Let me know if I can help at all, I am using GPB in a project where 
> everything else is Python 3 but I have to also make sure Python 2 is 
> available and it would be nice if GBP supported both.
> Luke
> [0] -- 
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/465042/is-it-possible-to-have-a-subversion-repository-as-a-git-submodule

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