On Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 12:47 AM,  <chrisg...@gmail.com> wrote:
>     heartbeatResult = rpc_pb2.HeartbeatResult()
>     heartbeatResult.service = "ALERT_SERVICE"
>     heartbeatResult.timestamp = st
>     heartbeatResult.status_cd = rpc_pb2.OK
>     heartbeatResult.status_summary = "OK"
>     response = rpc_pb2.Response()
>     response.service_name = ""
>     response.method_name = "SendHeartbeatResult"
>     response.client_id = "ALERT_SERVICE"
>     response.status_cd = rpc_pb2.OK
>     response.response_proto = str(heartbeatResult).encode('utf-8')

I'll admit to not being _entirely_ familiar with the python API, but
shouldn't this be

response.response_proto = heartbeatResult.SerializeToString()

I would semi-assume that str(heartbeatResult) produces a text-encoded
version, but perhaps not.

When in doubt, dump the raw protobuf data bytes received and see
what's going on.


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