Comment #5 on issue 374 by Add method in ByteString to avoid big buffer copy.

We've used Benoit's approach in core Apache code. Our final version is:

package;  // This is a lie.

public final class ZeroCopyLiteralByteString extends LiteralByteString {
  private ZeroCopyLiteralByteString() { super(null);}

  public static ByteString wrap(final byte[] array) {
    return new LiteralByteString(array);
    // return ByteString.copyFrom(array);

public static ByteString wrap(final byte[] array, int offset, int length) {
    return new BoundedByteString(array, offset, length);
    // return ByteString.copyFrom(array, offset, length);

We we change this to use the official ByteString.copyFrom, using the standard YCSB perf tool, we see a degradation of performance of 22%. That is, just using the commented lines of code above cost 22% of messages managed per second (from 167000 to 130000).

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