Hi all,

  I don't know if there's anyone trying to defining a proto following 
OpenRTB2.1, and I have no idea why few people do this work, even google 
doesn't. (It's unreasonable since protobuf is born to serve protocols 
especially for RTB and OpenRTB project is even hosted on google code; but 
google doesn't even provide a sample for it. I just don't know why :(  )

  So I try to implement a proto for OpenRTB2.1, everything works smoothly 
until when I met two tricky fields: category (cat) and content context. 
Those two fields are string type, but like other integer enumerations, they 
both have a range to set value. So I decide they should be implemented as 
string-valued enum type. But there's no such a thing either in C++ or in 

  So this is the only problem I met during the implementation, could anyone 
please help me on that:) Thanks a lot!!!

Warm Regards from China :)

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