My first thought is: what makes you think that you have read an entire
frame of data, and a *single* frame of data? socket read very rarely
conveniently forms itself into complete frames. Please see
My second thought is: you told it to use the *entire* buffer, not just the
"valo" bytes that you know are valid - in which case the message is
*basically* right - you have garbage at the end of your buffer. You should
use the MemoryStream constructor that lets you control this:

    new MemoryStream(buffer, 0, valo);

(note this should be after checking "valo" is positive, and you also need
to think about things like back-buffers if your messages turn out to be
larger than "buffer.Length")

Thirdly: how was the data serialized? Did it use the WithLengthPrefix and
the same PrefixStyle?

Marc (protobuf-net)

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