With the supplied network data and example proto schemas: the error message
is correct. Firstly, note that you need to indicate (to
DeserializeWithLengthPrefix) that we aren't using spoof field-numbers along
with the headers; basically - tell it to use field-number zero:

                Command comando =
PrefixStyle.Base128, 0);
                ChannelInfo chInfo =
PrefixStyle.Base128, 0);

(note the final 0 at the end)

With this, the first message deserializes fine - the name is "ChannelInfo".
The second message, however, fails. It fails because the second message
starts: 0x0a, 0x14 - meaning "field 1, length prefixed, 20 bytes" -
however, field 1 on ChannelInfo is "fixed32 serialNr = 1". This is *not* a
valid match for a length-prefix wire-type. So; I can only conclude that
either the .proto is wrong, or the second message is not actually a
ChannelInfo. It does not match the definition.


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