This is definitely something that will need to get done eventually, but it
isn't currently being worked on to my knowledge and is unlikely to be in
0.8 as a result. Patches are welcome though.


On 18 September 2014 17:15, Fugitt, Jesse <> wrote:

> The missing functionality for idle timeout in Proton-J (JIRA PROTON-111)
> which exists in the C API would be nice at some point so it can be
> leveraged by future releases of ActiveMQ and other projects where keep
> alive behavior is needed by proton/AMQP clients.
> Thanks,
> Jesse
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> Subject: 0.8 release prep
> Hi Everyone,
> I'd like to put out a 0.8 RC soon. I will be going through JIRA shortly in
> order to triage any remaining issues. If there are any particular issues
> that you feel strongly should be included in 0.8, please follow up on this
> thread and bring them to my attention.
> --Rafael

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